Engaging, informed, relevant:

hallmarks of Safe Nation Collaborative Trainings

John B., “Islam in Focus” Law Enforcement Training

“Very informative, well done, and very much needed.”

Officer T.C., “Islam in Focus” Law Enforcement Training

“We needed this training 12 years ago.  Thank you.”

Steve S., “Radicalization and Violent Extremism” Community Forum

“I’m a member of the Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society (JIDS) based in the D.C. area.  At my urging and      request, Ms. Rabia Chaudry gave a presentation to the Society on radicalization and violent extremism.  Rabia’s presentation was no less than riveting to those many of us in attendance.  It was not only  articulately delivered, but was practical and extremely helpful. “

Howard C., “Partnering with American Muslims: CVE on the Grassroots Level” Training

“Superb materials and masterful presentation, explanations, discussion, and analysis.”

Gail W., “Islam in Prisons” Correctional Officials Training

“Very informative; the trainers did an excellent job covering a lot of information in a limited amount of time.”

Margaret O., “Islam in Prisons” Correctional Officials Training

“This topic needs to be done more often.  It is very helpful for others to understand Muslims in prison.”

Sarah P., “Islam in Focus” Law Enforcement Training

“Amazing.  Excellent instructors.  Extremely knowledgeable. Excellent information.  I am so glad I came.”

Taujir J.,  “National Security and American Muslims: A Community Guide”

“I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on the subject but I was shocked to rude awakening during your presentation as to how little I know. I sincerely appreciate and commend your efforts. I strongly feel that this  presentation should be made to members of every Muslim community organization throughout the USA.”

Susan Campbell, Author and Columnist

“If there’s something we need right now as we feel our ways toward one another, it’s a focus on cultural competency, and if there’s any one more capable than Rabia Chaudry to lead the way, I haven’t met her yet.”

Marwa Aly, Muslim Chaplain to Trinity College and Wesleyan University, Connecticut

“In 2010, I had invited Rabia Chaudry as a guest lecturer to the Trinity College community to discuss the topic, “Islam and Radicalization.” Even though there were audience members who had very strong opinions and perceptions of Muslims, Ms. Chaudry was able to eloquently and thoughtfully engage with them through meaningful discussion and deciphering perceptions from well-researched facts. The event was so well received, that I have also invited Ms. Chaudry to Wesleyan University to cover a similar topic. Not only does she articulate her thoughts very well, she provides nuance to a discussion that is in dire need of it. If she would let me, it would be an honor to have her return every year to both universities.”

Janet L. Conley, Chairwoman, West Hartford Citizens for Peace & Justice

“Rabia’s presentation was excellent. She has such a warm, sensitive and dignified presence. Her words spoke to the hearts of the audience. This was refreshing, a combination of easily heard, intellectually satisfying and genuine. Rabia is able to captivate an audience and deliver a message that is sincere and inspiring. It was wonderful to hear a speaker so knowledgeable of topic and able to hold a crowd. It was also a pleasure to work with Rabia Chaudry on the Interfaith Coalition Committee planning the commemorative services for 9-11-11 . Her ideas and vision made it exciting to be part of the process. Rabia was one of the key speakers for the 9-11 Commemorative Interfaith Service held at Saint Joseph Cathedral. Her presentation was one of the most memorable I have ever heard. The theme was Unity, Healing and Hope moving forward. Her words resonated long after the event ended.”

Tracy Simmons, Editor, Religion News

“Rabia Chaudry has a way with crowds. It doesn’t matter if she’s standing at a podium in front of hundreds of Muslims, or at the front of a church donning the only hijab in the building; she always puts the audience at ease. Her confident voice demands attention, while at the same time her warm smile manages to give the venue a comfortable aura. Through passion, humor and intellect Chaudry connects with her audience and they walk away informed, enlightened and intrigued. With Chaudry as one of its speakers, the Safe Nation Collaborative can’t go wrong.”