Law Enforcement Training

Our law enforcement training strives to provide CVE (“Countering Violent Extremism”) training grounded in cultural and religious competency and the facts on homegrown terror.

We provide training on the following modules:

  • Islam 101: History and Theology
  • Who are the Muslims: Demographics and Culture
  • Islam in the United States
  • Major Schools of Thought: Shiite, Sunni
  • Salafism and Wahabbism
  • The Muslim Worldview
  • Jihad: The Struggle
  • Qital: The Concept of War in Islam
  • Roots of Radicalization and Extremist Movements
  • Behind the Veil: Women in Islam
  • Homegrown Terror: Trends and the Muslim Response
  • Shariah: History and Application
  • Islamophobia: Causes and Consequences
  • Partnering with American Muslims: CVE at the Grassroots Level
  • Islam in Prisons: From Radicalization to Cultural Competency
  • Advocating for Muslim Victims

For more information about trainings, fees, or to book a training, please email us at

National Security Training for Muslim Communities

The Safe Nation Collaborative has developed a comprehensive training on national security to inform and empower Muslim communities, who must have the information and tools necessary to partner with law enforcement and government.  This training is provided free of charge for Muslim organizations and institutions.

To schedule this training for your organization, please email us at

Dialogue Facilitation

The most unique aspect of the Safe Nation Collaborative is the dialogue facilitation component.  At the behest of law enforcement agencies or mosques/Muslim communities, the Safe Nation Collaborative will help to identify key local stakeholders, issues of concern, and areas of potential cooperation on issues of homeland security.

As outlined in the White House’s National Strategy for Counterterrorism, released in June 2011, we will assist in empowering local leaders to be resources for law enforcement and in developing community-based strategies to counter violent extremism.  For more information please email us at